The best part…. Was archery because once you got the hang of it it was not to hard. The flying fox was also really fun because it was pretty fast and I haven’t done anything like that for a long time.

The funniest thing was…. When ms vaneyk tipped over in the cannoe and the water was really cold.

The hardest part was…. To make our mini stick house water proof .

Something I learned…. Was the technique to fire an arrow in archery.

Someone I got to know better….. I got to know Piers a bit better and I think we’re closer friends now

Something that surprised me….. Was that we weren’t in  our carbon much at all.

Macquarie Islands

Macquarie Islands

Royal Penguins

There are a few types of penguins on the island but these  penguins are fascinating.


Their habitat and  predators

Royal Penguins usually swim in the waters surrounding Antarctica and when it’s the right season they come to Macquarie Island. The main predators of Royal Penguins are Leopard Seals. Royal penguins have to look out for the leopard seals so they don’t sneak up on them in the water .


Their Diet

Royal penguins feed off trill, fish and squid. They capture their prey by diving straight into the water and trying to catch them at hiegh speed, which is very difficult.



The current world population of the Royal penguin is believed to be stable at around 850,000 pairs.


Overall the Royal penguins are not a species that should be worried about at this moment.



krill: Krill is a little fish that many water animals feed off




Term 3 Inquiry Reflection

This term I learnt a lot about  our Inquiry topic this term which was Australian history. Going to the parliament house and learning about how bills are made by getting people to debate on if it is a good idea or not,how debating works, politics, how it shaped and changed Australia and  how things used to happen in the olden days without the things that we have today. Listening to other presentations helped me a lot because now I know more laws and what you can do and not do like you don’t need a helmet to ride a  skateboard but it is still a good idea. I learnt a lot about famous places like Victoria market and how it has been around for over 130 years and how the parliament house is 160 years old. One of Australia’s biggest event was the eureka stockade and how the miners stood up for their rights and wanted to be equals. I think I learnt a bit in Inquiry this term and it was pretty funImage result for parliament house

My Sports Article


By Riley 

The Opinion


Image result for aussie flag

Women’s basketball -Australia vs France

Australia comes out with the win after a tight game

The women’s  basketball game was a very fast past game and it got rough a few times but fortunately none of them got hurt. It was a close game for most of it but Australia pulled away in the last quarter with the final score as 89, 71.      

There was a few unlucky shots for both teams but the scores were pretty high in the end. There were many lead changes  but no one pulled away until the end.

Both teams made each other play harder and that was one of the best parts about the game. Also it was great how the Aussie team were working so well together and the ball movement was so fast.

Overall I think the game was extremely entertaining  and everyone was a good sport in the end.                                                    

MY Review

We have been asked to write about a place,movie,book or something like that so I chose Finding Dory and this is my review



Main characters:

Dory, Nemo, Marlin,hank



The ocean and the aquarium/fish hospital


Rating: ⋆⋆⋆⋆


Finding Dory was made off Finding Nemo and the Dory version was set 10 years later and Dory still had short term memory loss. Dory remembered her  parents  and Dory, Nemo and marlin went on a journey to find Dorys parents. On the way an octopus named hank help find Dorys parents.

The one thing I did not like is the movie took a while for something big to happen and I think that was the only bad part.

The movie was pretty funny because it had so many weird things like when Hank inked everywhere, it was these types of incidents that made the movie really enjoyable.

My Picture Book

Today all the seniors went to the  preps classrooms and we read our picture books to our buddy. My picture book is called The Budgie With Wonders that we worked on for the fast 4 weeks . I read my picture book first then Ryan read his picture book to our buddy. It was really fun and I cant wait until the next buddy activity.


Start Of Term 2

Today is the Wednesday of week two and so far this term has been going smoothly.The days before going back to school I thought it would be hard doing all the work but it was really easy and it was good seeing all my friends again.  Its cool because this term  I am really enjoying maths and I,m waiting to do more art tomorrow because last week was so fun cause we could do free choice art. So far this term has been great and because last term was so great I bet is term will be as good or better.


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The holidays are just kicking off and I was ready to relax and have fun until I realized I still had my big brothers. It’s like they want to fight. I thought my holidays were dead.

On thursday night I was so excited and packing my giant bag for a long 5 night stay at my farm with our awesome family friends.

I was worried that I would not get any sleep because I was so excited that we were leaving early in the morning to go to the farm. I was just about done packing my colorful bag then out of the blue my Dad knocked on my old door and said joyfully that we were leaving tonight.I was so happy.

We were not prepared to leave that night so we were in a major rush and that equals my parents being bossy and strict.

My dad and I were packing the trailer, Braden was on his phone, Mum was packing the food, Matt was on the couch.After I finished helping dad I got molly and tried to get her in the car but she was running around the front so I had to pick my fluffy dog up and put her in our car.

It took a while but we finally got in the car and started our trip to the farm. It was a 2 and a half hour drive with my teenage brothers next to me. Matt was hogging all the room and Braden and I were squashed in a corner. It took a while but we finally got to the farm.

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