The holidays are just kicking off and I was ready to relax and have fun until I realized I still had my big brothers. It’s like they want to fight. I thought my holidays were dead.

On thursday night I was so excited and packing my giant bag for a long 5 night stay at my farm with our awesome family friends.

I was worried that I would not get any sleep because I was so excited that we were leaving early in the morning to go to the farm. I was just about done packing my colorful bag then out of the blue my Dad knocked on my old door and said joyfully that we were leaving tonight.I was so happy.

We were not prepared to leave that night so we were in a major rush and that equals my parents being bossy and strict.

My dad and I were packing the trailer, Braden was on his phone, Mum was packing the food, Matt was on the couch.After I finished helping dad I got molly and tried to get her in the car but she was running around the front so I had to pick my fluffy dog up and put her in our car.

It took a while but we finally got in the car and started our trip to the farm. It was a 2 and a half hour drive with my teenage brothers next to me. Matt was hogging all the room and Braden and I were squashed in a corner. It took a while but we finally got to the farm.

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