MY Review

We have been asked to write about a place,movie,book or something like that so I chose Finding Dory and this is my review



Main characters:

Dory, Nemo, Marlin,hank



The ocean and the aquarium/fish hospital


Rating: ⋆⋆⋆⋆


Finding Dory was made off Finding Nemo and the Dory version was set 10 years later and Dory still had short term memory loss. Dory remembered her  parents  and Dory, Nemo and marlin went on a journey to find Dorys parents. On the way an octopus named hank help find Dorys parents.

The one thing I did not like is the movie took a while for something big to happen and I think that was the only bad part.

The movie was pretty funny because it had so many weird things like when Hank inked everywhere, it was these types of incidents that made the movie really enjoyable.

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