Term 3 Inquiry Reflection

This term I learnt a lot about  our Inquiry topic this term which was Australian history. Going to the parliament house and learning about how bills are made by getting people to debate on if it is a good idea or not,how debating works, politics, how it shaped and changed Australia and  how things used to happen in the olden days without the things that we have today. Listening to other presentations helped me a lot because now I know more laws and what you can do and not do like you don’t need a helmet to ride a  skateboard but it is still a good idea. I learnt a lot about famous places like Victoria market and how it has been around for over 130 years and how the parliament house is 160 years old. One of Australia’s biggest event was the eureka stockade and how the miners stood up for their rights and wanted to be equals. I think I learnt a bit in Inquiry this term and it was pretty funImage result for parliament house

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