Macquarie Islands

Macquarie Islands

Royal Penguins

There are a few types of penguins on the island but these  penguins are fascinating.


Their habitat and  predators

Royal Penguins usually swim in the waters surrounding Antarctica and when it’s the right season they come to Macquarie Island. The main predators of Royal Penguins are Leopard Seals. Royal penguins have to look out for the leopard seals so they don’t sneak up on them in the water .


Their Diet

Royal penguins feed off trill, fish and squid. They capture their prey by diving straight into the water and trying to catch them at hiegh speed, which is very difficult.



The current world population of the Royal penguin is believed to be stable at around 850,000 pairs.


Overall the Royal penguins are not a species that should be worried about at this moment.



krill: Krill is a little fish that many water animals feed off




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