All About me!!!

Today I wanted you to know a little about me.I love basketball and i’v played as long as I remember .Its my favorite sport by far.I watch the NBA when ever I can.I try not to miss a game and my 2 favorite players are Kyle lowry and demar derozon. My 2 favorite NBA teams are the raptors and rockets. I go to school at st. Luke’s and I either walk at recess or goof around. I have 2 teenage brothers and mum and dad.My oldest brother plays cricket and basketball and my other brother plays basketball also. That,s my page.



2 thoughts on “All About me!!!

  1. Hi Riley, or should I say “The Gee Master!!!”.

    Wow! You really like basketball. What team do you play for?
    Looking forward to seeing more of your posts!

    -Peter 😀

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