End Of Term One

This term I learnt about angles and all the different degrees. I also learnt new cool art. We watched each other’s amazing presentations and learnt from each other about the body. So far Ryan and I have been enjoying hanging with Xavier our awesome buddy.

The start of 2016

It is around the half way mark of term one but it feels like we just started. We have not been on a excursion but I think we will do a lot in the year.Last year we went on a lot of excursions so I think we will go on a lot of excursion this year. I really like my class because there all nice and helpful but the bad thing is that I did not get my 2 really close friends but you can’t get everything .So far this year was great and I bet it is going to get better.



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Mini Golf

Last Sunday I went to Mini golf but first my gram pa came to our house so he could follow us. It was a 20 minute drive but we got there. When we got there for some reason gram pa wanted to watch and same as mum. I still was hoping to beat dad though.We started and I got a big club then Matt got a small club but we had to switch. My dad got a hole in one and then I did then Braden got then Matt stuffed up. In the end Dad came first Braden and Matt tied and I came last but my excuse is I am the youngest. After that we went home and did boring stuff.

In The Car

In The Car


Here we go I said sadly when I got in the car with my stinky brothers for a 3 hour drive to the farm. Molly the dog, was sitting on Matts seat and I could not help smiling when Matt tried getting molly off and on the floor but I got knocked in the process so I helped.Finally all got in the car and went .


It was really hot and squishy in the car But of course the parents are really happy In the front .Matt was taking up all the room So I pushed a little But because Matt is Matt He takes up more of the room And that’s fantastic so braden helps and we pushed and suddenly we have all the room and Matt is squashed. 2 Minutes Later We were at a stop And getting out of the car .This was a weird place it was two places combined .We all ate and got back on the road .


How to care for our common home.

This term our topic for Inquiry is How Can We Care For Our Common Home.I like this topic because it is a topic that I have always wanted to research and do.I also like this topic because it is different and helpful.It also awares people about how the earth is going to die and we will have to die as well.Here are some different ways to help save the earth.


Pick up litter


Care for animals


Raise awareness and much more.I think this topic is great because it has a lot of question that you can ask and it is fun to research.

Jawbone sanctuary

What is Jawbone sanctuary, What do you understand about the sanctuary, what do you know or believe about the sanctuary, what do you need to do to care for  the sanctuary.This are all good questions and these are my answers.



Jawbone sanctuary is a sanctuary with a beach and lots of  wildlife like limpets, Birds,crabs,fish and much much more.  


The sanctuary has been looked after and has been cared for by many people for a long time.



Pick up litter and make more places like Jawbone sanctuary.


I think this place is great and very important to our world and I think there should be more places like this. Jawbone sanctuary is very different and big and that is what makes this sanctuary one of the best ones out there.



What I Learnt During this activity

Today we shared at our tables what we learnt while researching our Australian animal. On my table there was Jacob,Jack,Mia and Ashling. I learnt how Echidna hide from predictors,what they eat and much more. Jack did the Long nosed Potoroo,Mia did the echidna as well as Ashling,Jacob did the great white shark and I did the Cape Barren Goose.Over all I think that was a great new task and we should do it more.

Our Fairytales

Yesterday the hole school was apart of a production and the theme was Fairy tales.There was 12 scenes.I was Dopey the dwarf. Back stage was cool because there was so many rooms but I hate the makeup.Overall I think last night was a fun and amazing night.

Student Teaching

Recently we have been trying a new idea of letting students be the teacher.For the last two weeks students have been Studying poem to share with us.Here is some expels.I think this is a great idea because it mixes things up and its a great change.Overall I think it was a great experience.





splashes around










PAC man

A man the size of a can

Running away from ghosts

Thanks to the host

Once PA Man ran into a post

He likes sitting on the sea side coast

I normally eat most of the ghost

Sometimes PAC Man uses a fan

He also also has a lot of fans.